Friday, 26 February 2016

Week 4

This week was a busy yet hectic week for the Senior Syndicate. Here are a few things we enjoyed doing this week!

Learner Licences

As a senior school, we co-constructed a learner licence which encourages students and teachers to focus on the learning expectations of the syndicate. As students progress through the stages (level 1 - 5) of the learning licence they have an increasing range of choice in both the work spaces they are able to access and the learning programs they undertake. This week we put up our learner licence wall.

Whole School Mass 

On Thursday we had our first whole school mass. The "Soul" group which are a group of year 7 & 8 students did an excellent job of organising and performing at the mass. Overall, the behaviour of the senior syndicate was a sight to behold! They made all their teachers proud whilst showing the rest of the school that they are true leaders. 

Caritas Appeal 2016

During Religious Education we have been learning about Cambodia through the Caritas Lenten Appeal. Students watched the following video and investigated the differences between living in NZ and Cambodia. The students were very interested about how other children of the same age live!

Literacy, Numeracy and Inquiry 

The main focus this week for literacy, numeracy and inquiry has been around finding out what students know. In literacy, students undertook a reading test and writing sample. In maths they are working on their addition and subtraction skills. Inquiry focused on visual thinking tools, assessing websites when researching and investigating the "de Bono thinking hats"

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