Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Life Education Bus - Session 2

Image result for digital citizenshipToday we talked about "digital citizenship" and the impact it can have on the choices and decisions we make. We talked about digital footprints and the different types of apps and ways we communicate with each other in the digital world. Examples include; Instagram, Gmail, Snapchat and Facebook. One of the most important things we looked at were passwords. Harold showed us an interesting clip about keeping our passwords safe and the consequences that may happen if we don't.

We talked about how others can use your profile if passwords are not kept secret. This includes passwords to our phones. We learnt that our phones hold a range of information about who we are and what we do. If someone was to get into your phone, they could send emails and texts from the phone and people would think it was you. Next, we investigated the age restrictions and assumptions we make about apps.

For example: we assumed that the following picture found on iTunes means that the age restriction for Instagram is 12+ (that means you need to be 12 and older to sign up). However, when we looked at the Facebook app it has a 4+ picture. Does this mean that you need to be 4 and older to sign up? With more research we looked at the terms and conditions for each and found that the age requirement is 13+ for both apps. On Friday, we will learn about how our actions influence others when we use social media.

(Screenshot taken from iTunes)

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