Sunday, 13 March 2016

Life Education Trust

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Session 1: On Friday the syndicate learnt about choices, decisions, actions and consequences. At first we thought that choices and decisions were the same thing. The easiest way to explain the difference and how all of the things above are related was looking at something simple like felts.

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Scenario: When we draw a picture we have a range of choices; red, blue, purple, yellow green etc. We make a decision when we choose what colours we want to use in our picture. For example, lets say we chose to use the colours green, blue, purple and orange. The consequence of this action is that we will only use these colours. In the picture above the person is purple. This is a consequence of their action. Consequences can be positive or negative depending on the action we take. On Wednesday we will look into this concept in more depth. Overall, we had a great time and can't wait for more Harold adventures!

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