Tuesday, 8 March 2016

We are learning to apply for a job

Today in class we looked at the Roles and Responsibilities of Seniors at SFDS. As a group we decided that students needed to apply for the following jobs.

Priority 1 Jobs: Quiet room monitor, games monitor, electronics monitor, PE monitor, Bell monitor, Prayer monitor, Teacher Helper, library monitor, cloak bay monitor, buddies monitor, road patrol, syndicate photographer, table monitor, green team, blog poster.

Priority 2 Jobs: Wet day monitor, phone monitor, role monitor, newsletter folder, messenger, recycling monitor, ball monitor, music monitor, relief monitor, temperature monitor.

Homework: Your task tonight is to write a letter to Mr Apperley, Miss Kearns and Matua Tala outlining why you are suitable for the job and why you want the job.

Here is the Success Criteria we agreed to in class:
  1. We will use persuasive / formal language
  2. We will give reasons why we are suitable for the job
    • Why do I want the job?
    • Why would I be good at the job?
  3. We will be polite and honest
  4. We will edit and check our work
  5. We will hand in our best work

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