Sunday, 13 March 2016

Week 6

This week in the Senior Syndicate:

Inquiry: The class split into 3 groups this week to learn more about themselves and what is to be a senior at SFDS. The 3 groups are focused on Performing Arts, IT and Visual Arts as a way to communicate this message with their peers.

Student Voice: To track our progress, students had a session with Miss Kearns about their voice and what matters most in the learning environment. We will look to compare this later in the year.

Literacy and Numeracy: like previous weeks, the focus in maths is on strategies that will help us with addition and subtraction. Matua Tala had his group draw posters on the strategy they learnt in class this week. In literacy the objectives have been around identifying characteristics of narrative, writing reports and comprehension of texts.

Job Roles and Responsibilities: for homework this week, we looked at the roles and responsibilities of the senior syndicate. Using persuasive language, students were tasked with persuading teachers that they were the best fit for the job by writing a cover letter. We will use these drafts at a later date for students to analyse and amend. We look foward to another big week at SFDS.

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