Thursday, 24 March 2016

Week 8

This short week was packed with lots of fun, wacky outfits, policemen, remembering Jesus and lots of learning! Here is a summary of our week. 

Religious Education

The start of Holy Week meant a concentrated effort on the main events leading up to Easter Sunday. Specifically, our syndicate focused on the stations of the cross and Jesus' Resurrection. Each class looked at readings and prayers connected to each station whilst sharing their thoughts and opinions. Our Soul Group produced an outstanding Mass for the school this morning with songs, prayers and skits about Jesus and Holy Week. We also had a group of 10 students working with a drama specialist to ignite their writing skills on the subject.


In maths we finished working on our addition and subtraction strategies. This week was focused on using the strategies we learnt to solve everyday problems. Today, we completed a pre-test on reading timetables and will work on this unit from next week until the end of term. 

Reading and Writing

This week, the majority of the syndicate have been working on structures of stories and editing writing. Students have been writing their own narrative with a focus on the following things;
  • Is there a beginning, middle and end?
  • Who is involved? When did this story take place and where?
  • What is the conflict / problem?
  • What is the intervention? (How was the problem solved?)
  • What was the resolution? (How did the main character come out better off?)
In writing, we are starting to look at organisation, sentence structure and punctuation. 
Next week we will be working on persuasive techniques found in advertising (Visual and audio). 

Bullying Free NZ Project

On Wednesday, Constable Duncan and Michelle came in to talk about bullying and prevention strategies we can use in our community. They presented us with a brief to come up with our own video clips and/or images to illustrate the key messages we want to communicate around bullying. 


Focus on one of these two themes:  
1. Speak Up – if you see someone being bullied, say something, tell someone. You have a voice, make it heard. Bystanders have power. No one deserves to be bullied and together we can stop it. 
2. You're Worth It! no one has the right to hurt you … you don’t deserve to be bullied … speak up for yourself. 
You know your peers, so let loose your creativity and grab their attention! maximum of 30 seconds in length Think about the different types of bullying and how it hurts whether it is: Face-to-face, e.g. in the playground, on the bus, at a sports practice/event or online where people often say things they would never say face to face.

Happy Easter, we hope you all have a lovely weekend with your whanau, God Bless Senior Syndicate family and friends from Mr A, Miss Kearns and Matua Tala.

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