Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Teapot Valley Gear List

It can be cold in Nelson, so students will need a medium weight sleeping bag and possibly an extra blanket. Please ensure your child brings thermal clothing (i.e. polyprops / merino items). Each child MUST HAVE a raincoat or rain jacket that keeps out heavy rain. Ski jackets or puffer jackets (Kathmandu) will not protect children from heavy rain so please do not bring these. Please name all clothing including socks. 

Gear List:
Sun hat, 
T-shirts (5), 
Shorts (5), 
Track pants (2), 
Sweatshirts / Jersey (1), 
Thermal top (polyprop / merino), 
Underwear (5 days), 
Socks (5 days), 
Gloves (optional), 
Towel for showers, 
Togs and swimming towel, 
waterproof rain coat / rain jacket, 
Shoes (sensible walking) x 2, 
Toiletries (ie toothpaste/brush/soap/shampoo), 
Sleeping bag and pillow, 
Spare blanket (optional), 
Torch (with fresh batteries), 
Drink bottle, 
Sun screen, 
Insect repellent, 
Personal medication. 

The activities will involve clothing and shoes getting wet and dirty. It is best to bring gear which can tolerate these demands.

Packing: please ensure that just enough gear is taken and that it is packed in the smallest bag possible. Students will need to carry their own bags. Students do not need a tramping pack for this camp, but you will need a comfortable day pack as well as their gear bag.

Please DO NOT bring:

  • Junk Food
  • Jewellery / Valuable Watches
  • Electronic Devices (Mobile phones/Radio's/iPods or iPads)
We will allow students to bring cameras but they will do this at their own risk. We will not take responsibility for broken or lost cameras. Cameras on mobile phones, ipods or ipads are not acceptable. 

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