Friday, 8 April 2016

Week 10

This week we had a strong focus on setting goals ready for term 2. It was great to meet parents and even better to start building connections between home and school. Lots of parents are now aware of what their child is working on at school, at home and personal goals they have set. If you are interested in catching up with John, Kath and I please feel free to contact us and we are more than happy to meet. Here's a brief snapshot of what we are working on in class.


At the moment we are working on the strand measurement and geometry. Specifically, we are learning how to read; analog clocks and time, timetables and schedules. Mr Moemai's maths group is working on planning a weekend for a friend using their knowledge of timetables, budgeting and finding deals. This has encouraged a practical use for maths and the children are enjoying the challenge!

Literacy & Inquiry

Currently, our classes are working on persuasive language, script writing and making storyboards. This is connected to both our bullying unit and what it means to be a SFDS student. Student's are learning the value of advocating for others, conveying a message using persuasive language and the power of statistics and facts when talking about issues. 

Goal Setting

For teacher conferences the students set goals and are learning to make them SMART. 
This means their goals will be; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results focused and Timely. 
Moving forward we will be focusing on the following things. 

Maths: Multiplication and Division strategies
Reading: learning about words we don't understand and making personal connections to things we read. We want to use what we know about reading and apply it to our writing. 
Writing: Working on spelling and increasing our vocabulary. We want to use new words in our writing and in everyday talk .  

Week 11 Homework

Task 1: Thinking about camp, set 3 personal goals for things you want to achieve at camp. These might be related to activities, cabin groups or duties. 
Task 2: Write about how you will manage yourself, have a good time at camp and achieve your goals. In this writing you will need to note the challenges that you may have to overcome at camp.
Task 3: Present a poem about camp or some outdoor adventure you have had in the wilderness, 


Over the next week, we will be working on building momentum towards camp. I will posting more information about gear students will need, activities, times and dates. All children received two notices today with this information. Next week we will be having a meeting on Monday 11th at 5:30 pm for any parents interested in finding out what the kids are doing at camp. Please feel free to come along. You can also look on the website for more details about the camp site: 

You can contact any of the teachers for more info. 

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