Sunday, 19 June 2016

Over the last month... (Part 1)

Over the last couple of weeks we have been a busy syndicate with multiple things happening.
Here are a few brief highlights of things we have done over the last few weeks.

Samoan Language Week

Students in the senior syndicate took the initiative to introduce  Fa'aSamoa (Samoan way of life) to SFDS. They taught the school simple Samoan phrases, art and played a game of kilikiti (cricket) with the other syndicates. On the final day of the week we had a dress up day where all students were allowed to wear ie lavalava's (Samoan garment), puletasi (Female dress) and ula (necklace). Here are some of the phrases that the students taught the school. 

Matariki Decorations for the Soup Kitchen 

To celebrate Matariki, the senior syndicate was asked to create some decorations for the local soup kitchen. We came up with the idea of making a korowai. Over 2 weeks we decorated a stack of feathers and then put them together to make our korowai. Here are some pics of our korowai. The soup kitchen were very appreciative of the decorations. 

Exploring Music, Movement & Drama

On Friday, our syndicate used a combination of music, drama and movement to express their views on the seasons.  We are hoping that this practical task will connect to our writing program and how we express ourselves through words. Room 12 explored the transition of spring to summer, Room 13 looked at summer to winter and Room 14 made up a narrative of the relationship between autumn and winter. Each class had their own interpretations of the task and came up with very different ideas! (Videos of each performance will be posted shortly). Here are some pics Matua took of the day. 

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