Monday, 8 August 2016

Homework: Term 3, Week 3

Senior School Homework Sheet Term 3, Week 3  
Due: Monday 15th of August

Mathematics activities (tutoring, mathletics, math games, basic fact learning etc)
Literacy Log (Reading, Creative or Free Writing, Spelling etc)
Time Spent
Book Read
Time Spent
Rich Task
Task 1: Now that you have found out about action groups that support your threat to the environment, find out if this group has a branch in wellington. Next see if you can find contact details for this action group.
Task 2: Now that you have explored your speech topic you will need to talk about it. This week we want you to know and understand your topic and be able to talk about it to a group of year 5 & 6 students. Write down in simple terms, what your topic is, what your point of view is and why. Don’t forget to use evidence to back up your viewpoint.
Task 3: Choose an olympic event. Investigate and write about its history, any past NZ successes and explain what particular skills are needed to excel.

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