Monday, 22 August 2016

Term 3, Week 5 Homework

Senior School Homework Sheet Term 3, Week 5
Due: Monday 29th of August

Mathematics activities (tutoring, mathletics, math games, basic fact learning etc)
Literacy Log (Reading, Creative or Free Writing, Spelling etc)
Time Spent
Book Read
Time Spent
Rich Task
Task 1) Your task this week is to complete your speech by Monday 20th of August. The part you should be working on this week is the “action” part. That is, offering the audience a solution to the threat you are talking about. You need to look at the peer feedback you have been given this week and make changes accordingly. You will also need to time your speech and practice your delivery. We will expect to hear your speeches on Monday.
Task 2)  At the moment Rm 12 and Rm 14 are working on Novel studies. You will write 2 paragraphs about your novel. In the first paragraph, explain how the author has hooked in the reader. What techniques did they use? For the second paragraph, describe the setting. Room 13 need to write these two paragraphs based on a novel they are reading during silent reading. This task is directly related to writing narratives.

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