Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Week 6 Homework

Senior School Homework Sheet Term 3, Week 6
Due: Tuesday 6th of September

Mathematics activities (tutoring, mathletics, math games, basic fact learning etc)
Literacy Log (Reading, Creative or Free Writing, Spelling etc)
Time Spent
Book Read
Time Spent
Rich Task
Task 1) Book week is coming up this term. Make some plans of what you would like to do and when you will do this. Explain in a paragraph why you have chosen the piece of writing you are going to use.  
Task 2) Finish writing your orange day story and put onto google docs. You must share this with your classroom teacher and make sure you are including your thoughts, ideas, dialogue and evaluation in your writing.
Task 3) This week we have been learning about setting. Draw a detailed picture of a setting of your choice (Beach, forest, skate park, farm, etc) and describe your setting using descriptive words, sentences and phrases.

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