Throughout the year, students will be required to complete homework sheets.

Homework Sheet (example) 

How it works:

Students must complete at least 3 tasks a week. These are mathletics, reading and a rich task chosen by the teachers. To create transparency, students are required to show their parents or caregivers what they are doing each night. They will tell/show them how long they have been reading or completing maths activities and then the adult will sign this off. To keep learning relevant, the "rich task" will be connected to what the students are learning in class. We encourage adult involvement in these tasks so students can create meaningful connections between home and school. 


 If all homework is completed students can always do the following; 
  • Reflect on their day in the classroom
  • Check teacher comments from your reflection document
  • Carry on with your must do and can do activities 


  1. What is the homework

    1. Please check the Week 10 post on the main page. The homework is listed there.